I just experienced my first aftershock (10:15 a. m.)  The local newspaper site has crashed, probably due to people trying to post about it.


Shake! Rattle and Roll!

We had a nice little shake about 4:30 a. m. today. It was 5.2 on the Richter scale.  I know, I know Californians!  It may be a baby quake to you but it’s a big deal for us.  Our environmental sensors are attuned to tornados, not quakes.

Anyway, my husband took this opportunity to mess with his mother’s mind.  She called upstairs after the quake (we live in a duplex).

Husband:  “Hello, what’s the matter Mom?”

His Mom:  “Umm…my bed…”

Husband:  “What about your bed?”

His Mom:  “It was umm…shaking…”

Husband:  “Your bed was shaking?”

His Mom:  “…Yeah”

Husband:  “Wow.  You may have a ghost.”

His Mom:  “….”

Husband:  “If your bed was shaking it might be haunted.”

His Mom:  –long pause and breathing–

Husband:  “Hah!  I’m just messing with you Mama!  We had an earthquake.  It’s on the news.  We all felt it.

His Mom:  “Oh…okay.”

Husband:  “Goodnight Mom”

His Mom:  –click–

Yes I married a smartass.

Confession: The Exercise Bike

Last December I bought this expensive-ass exercise bike.  I’m a horrific blend of money-conscious and anal retentive.  If I spend a lot of money on something, that’s practically a guarantee that I will use it and take extra special care of it.  I just knew that there was no way this bike would sit and collect dust after I spent almost $900.00 bucks ($500.00 plus warranty and in-home assembly).

Boy was I wrong!  I used the bike for one week in January and my expensive toy has sat and collected dust until today.  I wanted my well points, so I got on and did the Level 2 workout on the SD card that comes with the bike.  My thigh muscles sang a bit, but I was able to make it through the whole 20 minutes.  We’ll see if I can still walk tomorrow.