Test 2 Passed!


Major precipitation and/or shifts in temperature have almost always triggers a sinus headache in the past.  This time I had a little pressure and a slight headache, but nothing like I would have experienced in the past.  The other test was cleaning product fumes.  My nostrils were a little irritated, but no headache.  Yea!


I thought I was done…

Thought I was done last Thursday but apparently not.  The biggest pieces so far came out Saturday night.

This piece came out of my right nostril.  I couldn’t believe how big it was!


This piece came out of my left.  It was shorter but much thicker.


The interesting thing is that at no point was my breathing impaired which shows me how much my nasal passages have been opened up.

Look What I Pulled Out of My Nose!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the procedure so I thought I’d check in. There has been no pain whatsoever. I just felt a little irritation when I didn’t keep my nasal passages as moist as I should have with the saline spray.

The above picture is one of three large pieces of stuff I’ve pulled out of my nose in the last two weeks. I could feel something hard and crunchy in my nostril, but I couldn’t blow it out. I had to reach in with the tweezers. I did a saline rinse and used more of my prescription ointment to avoid infection. I’ve got one more in my right nostril, but I’ll have to wait until it works its way down some more before I attempt to pull it out.

I had one level 5 sinus headache when we had that surprise snow storm, but all I had to do was rinse out my nasal passages and blow it clear. No medicine required! There’s a possibility my sinuses were just irritated due to the extra dryness in the house from turning the heat up.