Health Drama III

April 6, 2015 – I’ve still been having spit all the time. If I don’t get up and spit, the fluid gets caught in my throat and
make be me cough. If I cough for too long I’d vomit. I’ve started carrying two dinner napkins with me everywhere. It’s so frequent, I have to type with one hand while holding the dinner napking to my mouth with the other. It’s worse immediately before and after meals. I’m having to get up 2-3 times a night to hawk up whatever these thick, white globs are. I was so tired from the disrupted sleep and lack of eating, I seriously contemplated taking short term disability until I could get this sorted out. I phoned Dr. Cline who still insists that it must be pulmonary. I don’t have enough money left after paying the previous medical bills to see another specialist and I’m not getting that heaviness in my chest (indicated fluid) like when I have bronchitus. Whenever I’m done spitting up, my stomach muscles feel like I’ve been punched. I’m also still struggling with the thrush. The Nystatin beats it backup about 90% and then it makes a comeback. I went to an appointment with Dr. Mosley and explained my spitting problem. He went through all of my medications and came up with a unusual strategy:

  1. Gastric Issues – I’m to stay on the Omeprazole 40 MG twice per day. I explained that sometimes I starting feeling the burn in my chest before it’s time take my evening dose. He had me pick up some Gaviscon, both in liquid and the chewable tables. I’m to use the Gavison to tide me over until it’s time for me to take the evening dose of Omeprazole.
  2. Anxiety Issues – Dr. Mosley has developed some prejudice against my Alprazolam and is substituting Amlodipine Besylate to help me sleep through the night.
  3. Thrush – Dr. Mosley prescribed a new medication that is often used by AIDS patients (don’t know the name of it). He
    warned me the pharmacy would most likely substitute it with Nystatin anyway. Insurance companies suck.
  4. Spitting – Dr. Mosley prescribed Zyrtec-D twice per day to dry out my mouth and throat so I wouldn’t have to spit so much. I’m also to gargle with salt water whenever I feel the need to spit. I’m supposed to let the salt water pour out of my mouth without spitting.

I’m to come back in three months to see if this new regime works.

June 24, 2015 – This was a follow up with the gastroenterologist, Dr. Cline. At this point, the acid seems to be under
control so long as I take my omeprazol and watch what I eat. Minimal processed foods, nothing acidic and no dairy (dairy makes me spit more). I have decaf coffee in the morning, a berry-based nutribullet shake for lunch and a small meal for dinner. The weight loss has slowed down and I’m starting to get some of my energy back. There’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet and even books regarding which foods are acidic. I wish my insurance company covered a visit with a nutritionist. I’m reduced to avoiding the obvious and guessing the rest based on trial and error. A bad choice can take me days to recover from. I’ll probably never be able to eat in a restaurant again. Too many unknown ingredients in the food. I have noticed extreme stress can still kick off an intense day of stomach and chest burning (I survived the first round of layoffs at work). Since I seem to be holding my own, Dr. Cline had nothing to add and wants to see me in 6 months.

August 19, 2015 – Follow up visit with Dr. Mosley

  1. Gastric Issues – Dr. Mosley thinks I can start taking the omeprazole once a day now. I’m dubious, but I’ll give it a try.
  2. Anxiety Issues – I want my Alprazolam back. The Amlodipin Besylate does get me to sleep, but it does NOTHING for my anxiety. It’s not like I took the Alprazolam everyday. When I do take it, I only take half a pill. The only time I’ve ever taken a whole 1 MG pill is when I was caring for my mother while she was dying or getting on a flight that lasts 3 hours or longer. My mother in law has died, my husband went into a deep depression and has quit working and I’m not sure I’ll survive the next round of layoffs. If there’s anytime I need my anti-anxiety med it’s now.
  3. Thrush – My sister-in-law recommended Fem Dophilus Oral Probiotic to help fight my thrush. It’s still a recurring thing, but it does a much better job much faster than the Nystatin. If I could just remember to take it every morning, I could probably kill it off permanently. Fem Dophilus Oral Probiotic has to be refrigerated though so I keep forgetting to take it before I walk out the door in the morning.
  4. Spitting – My spitting was vastly reduced as soon as I started taking the Zyrtec-D twice a day. If I miss a couple of doses, it does come back with a vengeance though. Staying on the Zyrtec-D has proven a challenge because of the pseudophedrine laws (I hate all meth addicts). A lot of pharmacies just don’t stock it like they used to. CVS’s supplier completely ran out. I switched my script to Walgreens, but they take forever to get the prescription filled. I’m talking days. Thus the missed dosages. There’s also a limit on how many boxes I can buy so it’s not like I can stock up. I’ve got my husband purchasing boxes too. I’m worried we’ll end up on some sort of watch list as meth dealers.

I’ve also discovered fatty meats or foods made with processed sugars aggravate the spitting. I’m starting to seriously
wonder about the American food supply. It’s a real challenge to find foods I can eat that aren’t full of chemicals. When winter gets here, there won’t be any farmer’s markets to buy from. I take vitamins to compensate for all the foods I don’t eat anymore. On plus size, I’ve felt strong enough to start working out again. The first 60 pounds I lost were due to being sick, but I’ve dropped another 14 from working out.