Workout 03

So I’m back to a regular work week and I managed to get up and actually workout!  I had to struggle a bit more to keep up and my form wasn’t as good as last Friday.  That’s probably because the last two workouts were during the Thanksgiving break.  I had gotten a chance to grab a cup of coffee and meander around the house a bit before getting started.  No time for that on a work day.  My right knee twinged a bit.  Oddly it only happened during lateral movements to the right and only when stepping out slightly.  I had no pain during wide lateral movements.  Stats for today are 25 minutes, low impact, 195 calories burned.


Workout 02

Worked out again today. This time used my inhaler immediately before and didn’t have to stop. Still had to spit once though.  My right knee started to hurt during the first third but it let up later.  I’ll have to make a note of which move that was when that pain started.  Pleasantly surprised there was no general soreness.  Stats same as yesterday. 25 minutes, low impact, 193 calories burned.

Workout 01

So I basically haven’t worked out since online services for Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 for Microsoft XBox stopped ( Ubisoft stopped online services way before the actual announcement ( It would have been nice if the company had just let users know what was going on rather than just blocking access to the website. I understand that fitness games are a niche market, but I’m still really disappointed. Given, I was working out only sporadically anyway, but I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on getting the data feedback (calories burned, minutes worked out, workout history, etc). The only way I get can get that back is if I buy some expensive fitness wearable. What I really miss more than anything is the XBox Kinect camera tracking for checking my form. Going back to workout tapes is like stepping into the dark ages.

I’m off today so I decided it would be a good time to see if I can get back into working out. It’s been “sleep another hour” versus “working out” for the last three months and “sleep another hour” almost always wins. I haven’t worked out since October 14. I managed to make it through a 25 minutes, low impact calorie burner. I had to pause the tape about 2/3 through to take a hit off my inhaler. I also had to spit, but that’s because of my esophageal spasm (it’s been acting up a lot the past week). Because I’m just now getting back into it, I also had to change to a lower impact move 3 times. It will be a long time before I can do those elbow-to-knee moves or those lunges at the end. Not only are they strenuous, but my breasts get in the way and make it really awkward.

I also felt something sticking me about halfway through. When I took off my workout clothes, I saw that I had popped the underwire on both sides of my bra. Luckily the underwires went straight up between my breast instead of stabbing me in the side. I’ll try to fix it and hope it doesn’t happen with the other bra. I can’t afford another $80.00 bra.

According to this website (, a low impact, 25 minute workout at my height and weight burns 193 calories so that’s what I putting into MyFitnessPal.