Workout 14

Footwork and form was a little better today. Had to spit for a full 5 minutes today. 25 minutes, low impact, 189 calories burned (


Workout 13

Strongly tempted to stay in bed instead of working out. I think the trick is not to think about it too much, just do it. Oddly, my left knee was a little sore, but I think rubbing the aspercreme on it beforehand kept me from feeling it during the workout.

I was very apprehensive because of adding in the squat-lunges on Friday. I just didn’t know how my body would respond. Still very difficult to raise from the floor at that pace. I had to spit afterwards, but not for as long as I did Friday.

As usual, I’m getting ahead of myself and thinking about the next level. The 20 minute workout is high intensity. I’ll have to get a different pair of shoes for it. Basketball shoes don’t provide enough cushioning. 25 minutes, low impact, 192 calories burned (

Workout 12

Remembered to use my inhaler before working out this time so I wasn’t out of breath by the third segment. Took a chance and added in that set of squat-lunges right before the cool down. Very difficult to raise from the floor at that pace. Depending on how I feel during my next workout, may keep them, just slow it down some. I also spent about 3 minutes spitting up phlegm afterwards. Anyway, that means I’m now performing all sets in the workout. If I can keep this up, I’ll need to start thinking about when to switch to the high impact workout. I’m estimating I’ll need to drop another 20 pounds before that’s feasible. Also, I don’t know if my breasts or right knee will be able to take the punishment. 25 minutes, low impact, 190 calories burned (

Workout 11

Skipped last Friday’s scheduled workout due to my back hurting.  Today, added in all 6 sets of those elbow to knee moves I had been skipping.  Very awkward.  Breasts got in the way.  Didn’t feel the extra sets until the end of the third segment.  Thought I might add in those lunges right before the cool down, but I had forgotten to use my inhaler before starting!  Didn’t have enough breath for it.  Popped the underwire on yet another workout bra.  I’m down to one now before I’ll need to try and repair them.  25 minutes, low impact, 189 calories burned (