Workout 17

Made it through the whole workout this time. Got tired a little later this time, in the beginning of the second aerobics section. Form was not great, but not horrible either. Wasn’t as sore as I anticipated. The squat lunges at the end killed me. 25 minutes, low impact, 188 calories burned (


Workout 16

Been a long time since I’ve posted.  Fell out of the workout routine during the 44 days our furnace was out (  It was too cold in the house to workout.  Today’s workout went about as expected.  I didn’t focus on form so much as just getting through the workout.  I started to get tired towards the end of the first aerobics session.  I did manage to complete everything but the squat lunges at the end.  I know I’ll probably be sore as hell.  My biggest worry is my right knee.  I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.  On the plus side, I haven’t felt so alert in a long time.  25 minutes, low impact, 192 calories burned (