Workout 24

Slept badly so didn’t manage to workout this morning but somehow worked up the energy to do it this evening.  Form was exactly what I would call sloppy, but not quite as good as the past few morning workouts. 25 minutes, low impact, 190 calories burned (


Workout 23

Had to put in monstrous hours for work so only got in one workout last week.  Today’s workout went pretty well.  Form was okay.  Think last week’s soreness didn’t come from workout, but from awkward sleeping positions.  Was up working late so stayed in my bra much longer than I normally would have.  Ended up with shoulders on fire and couldn’t sleep on either side.  25 minutes, low impact, 189 calories burned (

Workout 22

Initially felt guilty about not making Friday’s workout.  Been stress eating since Thursday.  My stomach lurched a little this morning so it’s probably good that I skipped it.  I probably would have yakked.  Form wasn’t perfect but pretty good.  Surprisingly I’m a little sore.  Not sure where that’s coming from but I hope it doesn’t last more than a day.  25 minutes, low impact, 190 calories burned (

Workout 18

Form was not terrible but not great either.  Did everything except squat lunges at the end.  Just didn’t have the energy for it.  Didn’t feel tired until second aerobics section, but pacing was way off.  Had a sinus headache all day yesterday which I think contributed to the large amount of phlegm I had to cough up when I got to the cool down section.  Coughing left me feeling more drained than the workout.  25 minutes, low impact, 190 calories burned (