Workout 35

So I started with the jumping jacks today. My one-size-too-tight workout top did NOTHING to stop my breast from being jerked around. The pain in my chest was so bad I didn’t think about how hard the jumping jacks were. The straps of my unitard really cut into my right shoulder and it still hurts. My whole chest is red. I need to find something to keep my breasts still or I’m not going to be able to workout at this level.

One the plus side, the Hoko One One’s I got really do have an extra layer of cushioning. My feet kind of ached from the pounding, but they didn’t go numb like they would have in the basketball shoes. 20 minutes, high impact, 175 calories burned (


Workout 32

Took it to a full jog during the 2nd half of the work out. This is the last of the high impact moves I can add before I start on the jumping jacks. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to add those. I’m estimating next Monday or Wednesday. I’m hoping to be doing the full workout by September 1.

I popped the underwire on my bra. Thankfully I didn’t get stabbed in the side of my breast. Sigh….another bra bites the dust. So far I’m using a bra for middle coverage, the shelf in the unitard for lower coverage and the armour top for top coverage. It’s still inadequate but there’s nothing else I can do for now. The muscles in my left shoulder are twitching a bit from where the straps were digging in.

My feet felt a bit tingly immediately afterwards. I probably need to switch to running shoes instead of basketball shoes now that I’m doing a full jog at the beginning of the high impact segment. Nike’s are too cheaply made these days. I’ll need to shop for something else. 20 minutes, high impact, 175 calories burned (

Workout 31

Workout went okay.  Still getting red in the chest.  I also forgot to count moves so I can start to estimate when I’ll be able to do the full workout. I’ve decided to take it to a full jog starting the second half of the workout, but keeping it to a light jog when the jumping jacks start.  I don’t expect to see any results until around August 22.  20 minutes, high impact, 175 calories burned (

Workout 29

Tried to control the breast movement today by putting on one of my old Everlast unitards. It’s a size too small but did a much better job than my workout tops. Unfortunately Everlast doesn’t sell these anymore so I’ll have to suffer through until I drop enough weight.

Took the first half of the aerobics section to a full job today. Boy did I feel the fat around my waist and abdomen jerk around! That’s as far as I can advance for now. I’ll taking it to a full job during the rest of the workout Sunday or Tuesday.

I want to add a toning workout on my off days, but I’m still getting some soreness and I don’t want to strain the muscles so badly I can’t do the cardio. 20 minutes, high impact, 175 calories burned (