Workout 56

Added in the side kicks again today. Rolled into them from the jog alright but flubbed the arm transition for the second set. A couple of more times and I think I should have the rhythm down. I’m going to go ahead and adjust my advancement schedule to reflect this change. I can really feel those additional sets. I was a little nauseous during the cool-down.

So far my improvised breast binding has worked. I dread the day this thing gives out. (20 minutes, high impact, 178 calories burned


Workout 55

Workout went okay.  Decided try to adding in the skipped sets where I take it to a jog starting with the side kicks.  I usually have my breath back by then.  It was kind of clumsy because the 20 Minute Workout is designed to flow from one movement into the next.  It’s hard to start a set out of order, but if I can remember the movement starts on the right, I should be okay. I’ll try it again on Wednesday.  If I can make it work, that should shave 6 weeks off my estimated deadline for being able to do the full workout.  (20 minutes, high impact, 177 calories burned (

Workout 54

This morning’s workout went a lot better. I think I made the right decision to ease back to before the heel jacks and work my way back up. I also think it might be better to add in the other sets on the back in and meet somewhere in the middle like I did the Calorie Burner. I’m a little worried about the soreness in my upper thighs. I think that should have calmed down by now. So far the spanx I altered as a breast binder is holding up. We’ll see how many more washes it lasts. I’m having some difficulty controlling my breathing. That may be the weather change or my like of activity for the last two weeks. We’ll see. (20 minutes, high impact, 177 calories burned (

Workout 53

Missed most of last week’s workouts due to sinus headaches. I probably could have powered through but I just wasn’t up to it mentally. This morning’s workout was really rough. I did make it through to the circle jacks and I don’t think it will be too long before I can do the heel jacks again. The stiffness set in by the time I got to work. Also the situps were really hard for some reason. I just haven’t been really motivated to do much of anything. (20 minutes, high impact, 177 calories burned (

Workout 52

This is my first workout in a week. Here are the workouts I didn’t document:

Workout 46 8-23-16
Workout 47 8-26-16
Workout 48 8-29-16
Workout 49 8-31-16
Workout 50 9-2-16
Workout 51 9-4-16

For that last workout, my regular workout bra was not out of the wash yet. I thought I might be okay with the breast binding but I was seriously mistaken. No bottom coverage seriously restricted by movements and I had to cut the heel jacks when I was supposed to be adding in the first set of lunges. Then I got overwhelmed at work with a side order of depression. I didn’t want to do anything. My brain just shut down. I over-ate all week, particularly this past weekend. I’m rather amazed I managed to workout this morning. It was a so-so workout. Form was good, but I had trouble controlling my breathing. I plan to add the heel jacks back on Sunday. Considering I’m not seeing any movement on the scale, I’m beginning to wonder if this is a futile effort. (20 minutes, high impact, 177 calories burned (