Workout 60

Workout went surprisingly well considered I’ve skipped yet another week.  I know this is just the calm before the storm though.  I anticipate some stiffness and some problems Wednesday.  Added in reps on the back end.  Hadn’t planned on doing that until next week, but we’ll see if I can do this Wednesday and Friday.  There were a couple of moments of nausea but I managed.  The molded cup bra is murder on my shoulders.  (20 minutes, high impact, 177 calories burned


Workout 59

This one went a lot better than Monday’s. I tries using a molded cup bra I bought by accident. I HATE molded cup bras, but I haven’t repaired my other one yet.

I most definitely made the right call to redo my level increase schedule. I’ve missed too many workouts to have stayes with the old schedule. Warm up was good except for the abdominals. Aerobics section killed me. (20 minutes, high impact, 178 calories burned

Workout 58

Did a workout (Workout 57) on September 30, just never put in the notes.  Workout was rough because I’ve missed another whole week.  It’s been really hard to find a reason to do anything, including working out.

Popped the underwire on my bra and it left 2 scratches on my left breast.  I’ll try to repair it.  As for the workout, I’ll have to ease up on my advancement schedule because I’ve missed so many days.  Heel jacks are definitely out.  So are the additional reps I added in on the back in.  If I can manage to keep up a schedule this week, I’ll add the additional reps back in next week.  (20 minutes, high impact, 178 calories burned