Workout 65

Started morning with a horrible sinus headache but manage to workout anyway.  There was a minute where I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the circle jacks, but a manage to stumble through.  I think a lost control of my breathing a little because I was congested.  (20 minutes, high impact, 178 calories burned


Workout 64

Footing was a little off today but I soon figured out why.  Floor mat came apart while starting jumping jacks.  The cats were sliding it around on it yesterday so I guess it was loose.  Was able to shift to other side of mat to compensate.  I wasn’t sure I was going to go ahead with the circle jacks, but I made it.  We’ll see how that goes on Wednesday.  (20 minutes, high impact, 178 calories burned

Workout 61

Long sigh…it’s been a while. I’ve worked out a couple of times since the last entry but I don’t remember the dates. I know now that I’ll never be able to keep up with an early morning workout schedule if I don’t strictly manage my bedtime. The good news is I’ve made some changes at work that should make my weekends my own again for the first time in years. I should have done that a long time ago, but it’s hard to let go of the idea I need to stay on top of everything. I realize now that my job doesn’t care they’ll function pretty much the same without my extra effort. Right now I’m teaching myself not to think about work when I’m not physically at work. It’s a challenge but I think I can do it. This should translate into less stress and an easier time falling (and staying) asleep. I actually made it to bed before 10 p. m. last night!

This morning’s workout went about as I expected. It’s amazing how fast you can decline when you don’t workout regularly. I decided to just go to the first set of jumping jacks and jog the rest until cool down. I probably could have done the circle jacks, but I think I made a wise decision considering the wave of nausea that hit me during the cool down. I despise the idea of revising my advancement schedule, but it’s the only realistic choice. While my form wasn’t exactly atrocious, it was no where near what it has been. I expect I’ll be pretty stiff by this evening.

The stupid molded-cup bra shifted around. I’ll try positioning my improvised breast binding for better top coverage. (20 minutes, high impact, 179 calories burned