Workout 68


Ended up skipping Friday because of a terrible night’s sleep. Workout went better than last Wednesday. Had some trouble controlling my breathing thought. Barely made it through the second set of circle-jacks. Hopefully Wednesday will go better. (20 minutes, high impact, 180 calories burned


Workout 67

What a difference two months makes.  I skipped Monday because I was just still too sore after last Saturday.  Form was atrocious because I was still sore in the thighs and abdomen.  On the bright side, I made it through both sets of circle jacks.  That’s as far as I will be advancing for a while I think.  (20 minutes, high impact, 180 calories burned

Workout 66

Well now. It has been awhile. The first step was getting my sleep schedule back on track which took about three weeks. I just can’t get up extra early to work out if I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep. My form was surprisingly good up until the circle jacks. I actually didn’t expect to make it to the standard jumping jacks, but I surprised myself by doing that set and the first set of circle jacks (arms pinwheeling forward). Had to take it to a job right after starting the second set of circle jacks (arms pinwheeling back).

I also got a new FitBit. The Charge 2 actually did automatically detect I was working out. But I don’t think the calorie burn count is accurate. I’m going to keep using the numbers. I’m also a little leery of the way it counts some of my walking around as a workout. (20 minutes, high impact, 181 calories burned