7011 steps March 30, 2017

Step goal achieved! 7011 steps March 30, 2017.

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Workout 82

Skipped the last two days.  I just needed the sleep.  Did Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 classes Attack It! A and Attack It! B.  Last week I was off work so I was working out later in the day.  This morning it was still dark.  I think the Kinect had trouble tracking my movements.   My form wasn’t as good because I was a bit sluggish.  With Your Shape Fitness Evolved, there’s not enough time for that half cup of coffee when I first get up.  I corrected my form on the “boxer’s combo” sets which made those moves a lot more challenging.  FitBit calories burned:  227

Workout 81

Wasn’t sure I could, but added the three back-end sets.  My form on the abdominals was not as good as Saturday, but still better than usual.  I did manage to keep control of my breathing.  FitBit calories burned:  133

Workout 79

I had the first, truly focused 20 Minute Workout session since last year.  I had to rein in my breathing during the warm up, but the abdominal portion went a lot better today.  I was able to redirect my attention from getting my shoulders off the floor towards the center of my body, working the abdominal muscles.  We’ll see if I can manage that on Monday.  FitBit calories burned:  156