7427 steps June 23, 2017

Step goal achieved! 7427 steps June 23, 2017.

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Workout 101

Two steps forward, three steps back.  I skipped most of last week and this past Monday.  The black dog had me clenched tightly in his teeth last Saturday.  Maybe I gave up a little.  I don’t know.  I wish I was making better progress.  Just a little something to give me a sliver of hope.  Maybe I’ll workout again this week, maybe I won’t.  FitBit Calories Burned:  183

Workout 100

The plus side is this morning’s workout is number 100.  The downside is that I’m just coming off a week-long diet bender.  The Thursday before memorial day at 10:30 a. m., I experienced what I could only describe as a personal system failure.  I could not form a single coherent thought.  I decided I would turn Memorial Day weekend into a four-day holiday.  I indulged in some serious cupcake gluttony (http://www.jillyscupcakebar.com/) that Friday and on through to Monday.  I didn’t workout and I slacked on my diet the rest of the week.  Curiously, I didn’t actually feel rested until the weekend after Memorial Day.  The only reason I got up and worked out this morning is that I’ve worked to hard too get where I am now.  The thought of starting over is just too much.

I expected to not able to make it through the heel jacks.  I managed to fly through them and nail the transition from the circle jacks.  That could be just because I was well-rested.  I think I probably could have started the first set of lunges, but I didn’t want to push my luck.  We’ll see how the next workout goes.  FitBit Calories Burned:  88  It should be noted that I forgot to start my FitBit tracking, so the whole 20 minutes is not represented.