8693 steps July 16, 2018

Step goal achieved! 8693 steps July 16, 2018.

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Workout 176

Today’s workout went way better than I expected. The end of the first set of fast lunges didn’t feel like the absolute last set I had in me. I have to temper my feelings of hope though. It is Monday and this may just be a reflection of having had two days of rest. If Wednesday goes the same way, I’ll know I can expect to advance to the cross punches within the next couple of weeks. Fitbit Calories: 185

Workout 175

Today’s workout went pretty well. Again I began the workout feeling like I could advance beyond the first set of fast lunges. Again I was quickly disabused of that notion. It’s so frustrating to be mentally ready, but physically unable. Fitbit Calories: 165

Workout 174

Today’s workout was full of missteps. Hubby left a fan on and I wasn’t able to hear the instructor’s transition announcements. I kept either starting a set early or missing the beginning. I did manage to recover on the next rep each time. You’d think I’d have the routine down cold, but apparently not. Fitbit Calories: 247

Workout 173

Today’s workout was the best so far with the first set of fast lunges. My form for the set wasn’t as good as Monday, but I was on the right foot and able to do all the reps. For one crazy minute, I thought I might do the cross punches that come after. That thought quickly left during the circle jacks. My torso was too constrained from the adjusted breast binding and I just didn’t have the wind. I’ll just have to keep adding sets slowly as my endurance builds. Fitbit Calories: 171

Workout 172

Today’s workout was pretty good. I could have done better staying upright but other than that, it was near perfect. I’ve got some soreness and stiffness left over from yesterday’s workout. I kind of expected that though. It’s only my second full week of doing the first set of fast lunges.

I’m really hoping to break out of this 2 month long plateau. We’ll see if eating normally for the past couple of weeks works. If not, I may try fasting on Wednesdays. Fitbit Calories: 257