Workout 101

Two steps forward, three steps back.  I skipped most of last week and this past Monday.  The black dog had me clenched tightly in his teeth last Saturday.  Maybe I gave up a little.  I don’t know.  I wish I was making better progress.  Just a little something to give me a sliver of hope.  Maybe I’ll workout again this week, maybe I won’t.  FitBit Calories Burned:  183


Workout 100

The plus side is this morning’s workout is number 100.  The downside is that I’m just coming off a week-long diet bender.  The Thursday before memorial day at 10:30 a. m., I experienced what I could only describe as a personal system failure.  I could not form a single coherent thought.  I decided I would turn Memorial Day weekend into a four-day holiday.  I indulged in some serious cupcake gluttony ( that Friday and on through to Monday.  I didn’t workout and I slacked on my diet the rest of the week.  Curiously, I didn’t actually feel rested until the weekend after Memorial Day.  The only reason I got up and worked out this morning is that I’ve worked to hard too get where I am now.  The thought of starting over is just too much.

I expected to not able to make it through the heel jacks.  I managed to fly through them and nail the transition from the circle jacks.  That could be just because I was well-rested.  I think I probably could have started the first set of lunges, but I didn’t want to push my luck.  We’ll see how the next workout goes.  FitBit Calories Burned:  88  It should be noted that I forgot to start my FitBit tracking, so the whole 20 minutes is not represented.

Workout 99

This workout left me a little hopeful.  Previously, the near absolute limit of my endurance was at the heel-jacks.  Today I felt myself edge past that marker-drawn line just a little bit.  If I had controlled my breathing better, I probably could have moved on to the first set of lunges.  I also could have done a better job staying long in the torso.  I hope this wasn’t just a fluke.  We’ll see on Saturday.  FitBit Calories Burned:  184

Workout 98

Glad I didn’t fall so far as last time.  Last Tuesday, I ended up staying up until 1:00 in the morning for work.  That blew Wednesday’s workout and I was waking up fatigued all the way until Monday morning.  I managed to get a workout today and it wasn’t too bad.  Not using the mat for the high impact section resulted in much better footing.

On the downside, I’m a bit stiff.  I was also scheduled to start the first set of lunges this week, but there’s no way that’s going to happen.  FitBit Calories Burned:  134

Workout 97

Today was a good workout despite a few missteps.  I decided to try moving the mat up a little and using it only for the warm-up and cool down. I was right. The superior texture of the replacement mat is causing some drag when I pick up my feet.  My footing for the high impact segment of the workout was much better.  I’ll need to move the mat up maybe a couple of more inches to avoid snagging the ceiling fan chain for the high impact portion.  I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll be able to advance next Monday.  Fitbit Calories Burned: 155

Workout 96

Went into this was with some apprehension.  The heel jacks were my stopping point the last time I made a big effort.  I made it through, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to progress beyond them after next week.  FitBit Calories Burned: 94

Workout 95

Added in heel jacks today.  Did all the reps but my footing felt awkward.  The texture of this mat is a lot rougher.  I felt a little drag when my foot was coming up.  The heel jacks also mark the limit of my current endurance.  It may be a while before I can advance further.  Fitbit Calories Burned: 144