Workout 171

I managed to get enough sleep so that I didn’t feel groggy this morning. I was on the wrong foot for the first set of fast lunges, but form for that set was much better. I’m hoping to advance beyond the set by the end of the month. Fitbit Calories: 160


Workout 170

I didn’t workout yesterday. The fireworks kept me up way too late and I didn’t get a decent night’s sleep. As anticipated, it was much harder to get up this morning and workout, but I did it. My form on the first set of fast lunges wasn’t as good as Wednesday’s, but I overall it was better than it was last week.

To combat the problem with my breast binding, I pushed the bulk of it to the top. This forces me to rely on the bra for lower support. It also seems to cut off my air a little more. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it until I can have a reduction mamaplasty. Fitbit Calories: 146

Workout 169

Today’s workout was much better than Monday’s. The first set of fast lunges went a lot smoother. So did my resumption from the 4 set jog break. I credit decent breath control for that. I’m still being careful not to over extend my knees. I’m hoping to advance to the cross punches two weeks from now. Fitbit Calories: 167

Workout 168

Today’s workout was more of a challenge than I expected. I guess adding in that first set of fast lunges yesterday really pushed me. I flubbed one transition, but recovered on the next rep. I also could have done better on my back posture. I’m a bit sore. I may need to use my TENS device later today. Fitbit Calories: 252

Workout 167

Today’s workout was a rough. I just couldn’t get control over my breathing. There was a moment when I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to add in the first set of fast lunges. Also, it seems that particular exercise renders my breast binding completely ineffective. My breasts were flying all over the place and my chest hurt afterwards. It will be a while before I expect good form for this workout, but it was generally okay. I’m being careful not to over extend on these lunges so I don’t damage my knees. I also had a little back pain, but I attribute that to mopping the floor Saturday. Fitbit Calories: 161

Workout 166

I woke up with a sinus headache for the first time in years. It was only a minor nuisance though. I was able to knock it out with a couple of ibuprofen. The headaches I used to have would have laughed at 400 mg of ibuprofen. I waited to see if the ibuprofen would set off my stomach. I over ate yesterday, so I think that gave my stomach some cushion.

This is my last vacation day, so I had half a cup of coffee while I was waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. That was a mistake. During the beginning of the high impact sets, it felt like my heart was beating too fast.

I also completely forgot a friend was coming over. The last of the high impact sets were sloppy as I was distracted by the conversation between my friend and my spouse outside the room. Still, I’m glad that I managed to the workout in despite not feeling well. Fitbit Calories: 155